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Focus On Automotive Export Market Policies And Regulations Forum Held
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November 10 - 11, 2011 , by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission support , national auto and parts export base in China International Auto Parts Expo Organizing Committee , Universal International Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center hosted the " 2008 China International auto Parts Expo Summit Forum focused on automobile export market policies and regulations will preach " held in Beijing .

The forum discussed the international industrial vehicle and auto parts business relations , International Automotive Components Group discussed the development process, to explore the international automotive technology trends , and parts between multinational companies and Chinese parts enterprises dialogue . International Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), the American Automobile Market Association (AAIA), the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), the Canadian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association (AP Juan MA), and Bosch , Denso, Valeo , Beijing Hainachuan other foreign parts company with representatives of the Association at the forum made a keynote speech .

In key export markets, policies and regulations preach automotive sectors , representatives from Changchun , Chongqing, Taizhou , Shanghai , Wuhan, Xiamen , Wuhu , Tianjin, Hefei , Guangzhou, Baoding , Liuzhou automobile export bases in 12 countries , and heard from Algeria , South Africa , Vietnam, Iran , Ukraine , Syria, Egypt and other experts in seven countries and China , it is the automotive market , policies , standards, regulations and certification system for the seven States and Europe , Russia and other countries and regions, such as explaining conducted .

Face the highest degree of globalization of automobile export market , due to the rapid changes in the market , Chinese enterprises are still unable to accurately grasp the foreign automobile access policy, especially for countries exporting the products target market know little access standards , information channel is not smooth , cause some export products do not meet foreign regulations and market requirements, thus paying a greater price. Electromechanical and Commerce Secretary Zhou Shijie , deputy director of the technology industry in preaching the meeting that , as one of the top five public service platform for car exports , this will help preach the key export base enterprise of more than 7 countries and Russia as well as Europe and other countries and regions car market policies , standards and regulations, certification systems to understand global, solid propulsion Chinese auto companies to expand to international markets.


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