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Domestic Automobile Instrumentation Industry Overview And Outlook
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As the automotive electronic configuration of joint ventures or wholly foreign-owned escalating , making the car more and more high degree of electronic control . Multi-function high-precision, high sensitivity, reading electronic digital display and intuitive image display instrument in automotive applications increasingly widespread. At present , China's automobile production and instrumentation industry is mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal developed areas, and the number of local buyers and joint venture brands OEM buyers accounted for 87.3% .

Statistics show that in December 2012 , China's production of automotive instrumentation 5,921,300 units, up 11.64 percent . 2012 January-December , the National Automobile instrumentation output reached 66.617 million units, up 18.68 percent . From the provinces of production , from January to December 2012 , car production in Guangdong province of instrumentation 25,225,300 units, up 10.64% , accounting for 37.87 percent of national output. Were followed by Shanghai, Zhejiang and Anhui , respectively, 20.99% of total production , 17.07% and 6.64% .

Recently introduced the " 2013-2017 China Automotive Instrument Industry Analysis and Market Forecast Report" that the future development direction of China's automotive instrumentation industries :

1 , to further enhance the level of technology and instrumentation , to conform to the trend of industrial development , a solid conventional varieties , while further development of intelligent instrumentation, enhance industrial digital, intelligent , integrated level.

2 domestic product quality and reliability has been the development of instrumentation industry in a major mishap , improve the quality and stability of the product is to be solved.

3 , and further enrich vehicle instrumentation of different specifications, such as the following micro 1kPa Low , 800kPa over high differential pressure range , 16MPa or more high static pressure, corrosion resistance and other specifications of the transmitter, and other products need to be further developed .

4 , China's instrumentation products , mainly in the middle market , while the high-end market is mainly dominated by foreign brands . High-end instrumentation market opened , the development of high-end buffet instrumentation products , has yet to be China's enterprises effort.

5 , at present, the degree of automation of instrumentation is not high enough , and some also require manual operation. In the automotive instrumentation development , the need to further enhance the degree of automation and precision products , improve the technological level of the product.


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