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P4 Most Advanced Laboratories In France
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Lyon, France's second- largest economy in the city is an important industrial pharmaceutical research and production base, there are many well-known pharmaceutical companies , research laboratories and bio- industrial development park , where the world's most advanced high-risk virus laboratory --- let ¡¤ M¨¦rieux P4 laboratory . The lab began operations in March 1999 , in addition to research target the most toxic , the latest virus , but also on the history of the old , a variant of the virus in-depth research , archiving , and to find ways of treatment.

Jean M¨¦rieux laboratory named to commemorate vaccine expert , premature death due to aircraft accidents unfortunately let his wife and four daughters to his legacy generously donated for laying the funds to build P4 laboratory foundation. Area of only 600 square meters of laboratory cost of 40 million francs , of which equipment worth 10 million francs , the annual running costs of maintenance and experiments was 190 million euros.

Lyon P4 laboratories all with built of glass and steel , was unanimously recognized as the " new generation P4 initiative ." Its main building is divided into three layers : the upper air handling area to ensure laboratory personnel and animal breathing air and laboratory air disinfection ; lower waste disposal areas, laboratory equipment and experiments garbage disinfection ; middle is real P4 area. Square next to the main building , there is a two-story , semi- cylindrical, metal ancillary buildings , is responsible for preparing the experiment , the control laboratory safety , implementation of all centrally controlled by a computer. P4 area has two main area of 60-70 square meters , an independent laboratory and animal testing chamber design principle is to place them in " box within a box ." Researchers entry and exit test bench , must undergo such a procedure : Open the access card and personal password with the first door of the experimental area , enter the room strip , clean shower , put on clothes similar to divers sealed ; into another room to check clothing tightness ; then open a door to enter the animal laboratory ; Thereafter , the bacteria also prescribe store keeper incubator and experimental hall separately. It should be noted that, in laboratory animals before entering each room is gradually reduced , and are mounted on the door of the room inflatable gasket to prevent germs spread out.

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